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Ramadan Gift Box


Treat yourself or someone you love to our Ramadan Gift Box, filled with our range of traditional Sierra Leonean drinks and sauces plus 5 delicious chocolate treats from artisan chocolatier Pump Street Chocolates.

The gift box is perfect for sharing with family and friends after sunset.

It’s also a great gift for Eid celebrations.

Don’t forget to include a personal message for the recipient when you check out. We’ll handwrite it on a stylish Shwen Shwen postcard which is included in the box.

The Ramadan Gift Box contains:

  • Mango Sunshine (Mango lemonade)
  • Nomoli (Traditional ginger beer)
  • Passionately Bissap (Hibiscus & strawberry juice)
  • Spiced Bissap (Ginger & hibiscus juice)
  • Purple Haze (Lavender & coconut water drink)
  • Tombe (Sweet and sour tamarind juice)

And two of our wonderfully flavoursome sauces:

  • Salone Fire
  • Salone Spark

Plus 5 delicious Pump Street Chocolate mini bars:

  • Ecuador Oat Milk 60%
  • Jamaica 75%
  • Sourdough & Sea Salt 66%
  • Rye Crumb, Milk & Sea Salt 60%
  • Ecuador 85%

*Flowers not included

Additional information

Weight4000 g


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