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Sweet Salone Book

As a small country on the west coast of Africa, throughout its history Sierra Leone has always embraced diversity – and this willingness to discover and grow has shaped Sierra Leone’s rich food culture. Forged by history, people and place, the cuisine is completely unique.

Maria Bradford’s recipes, inspired by her grandmother’s cooking, seek to recreate the traditional meals of Maria’s childhood, introducing delicious Afro-fusion dishes and flavours. Characterised by key ingredients including tamarind, beans, sesame seeds, mango, chilli and pineapple, in Maria’s hands these ingredients become something truly special. Moreover, she tells the story of the cuisine and the people, shedding light on everyday life through exclusive location photography.

Through her evocative writing and innovative dishes that draw on tradition while melding contemporary influences, Maria’s Sweet Salone is a stunning culinary dive into recipes and a culture unmatched anywhere in the world.

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